We need more mainstream music with real bands like this.


This is why cats are the best.

Simbas cousin, his empire’s in the city.

There is so much love between them both. That’s the epitome of best friends. Working together since they were pretty much kids. They don’t need trophies to show how amazing they are, but they deserve it more than anyone else who was up for nomination. So awesome.


We live in a world that promotes the thinking that we need to get even no matter the cost. Human nature automatically pulls us in the direction of retaliation or getting revenge. There are times when every relationship experiences these times of retaliation. Granted some relationships escalate to a much higher degree than others but there is usually some small degree of resentment or revenge that can take place. Why should we resist the urge and the desire to retaliate?

1.) Retaliation never helps anyone

When you do something to get even or get revenge against someone who hurt you, who is helped in the process? The answer is no one. Many times this is difficult to understand but when we retaliate no one wins. Retaliation is a lose-lose situation. The other person loses because we have inflicted some sort of revenge that has caused them personal pain. We lose when we retaliate because we have new actions that we will likely live to regret.

2.) Retaliation makes you more like the person who hurt you

There comes a time when you need to decide to rise above someone’s low behavior. By striking out at those who hurt you, there is no way to rise above their behavior. Sadly, retaliation makes us more like the person we are angry with. Retaliation lowers our own level of personal behavior and makes us lose part of who we are as a person.

3.) Retaliation only hurts you again

The fact is that when you retaliate you only work to hurt yourself again. Retaliation does not harm the person who hurt you but instead makes you relive the pain again. When we add new pain to the pains of the past we get nothing but increased pain. It may not make sense logically but by letting go of the pain we begin to heal.

4.) Retaliation only continues the cycle of pain

Retaliation is a vicious cycle that seems to have no end. Retaliation creates a cycle of continuing retribution that can do nothing but escalate until someone decides to stop the cycle. There are many relationships that are dying because they are in the constant cycle of retaliation.

There are a number of benefits that we gain when we move beyond our desire to get even or to strike back at others. How does resisting retaliation benefit us?

We develop stronger character

We develop perseverance and perseverance develops our personal character. When we resist the desire to get even, we become a stronger person. There will be days when you feel like you have strong enough character and need to strike back.

We are set free from the past

Personal pain often weighs on us like a massive chain and drags us down in life. Holding on to pain is simply a form of emotional bondage. The moment that you decide to let go of the pain of the past you are set free from it. When you let go of the pain of the past you are no longer bound to it.

We are given an opportunity to heal

The more we give up our desire to retaliate, the greater our opportunity to heal. The health of our relationships will never be able to rise above the level of our personal pain. Pain becomes an emotional poison that destroys our ability to have positive and healthy relationships. Until you let go of the pain you carry and allow yourself to heal, your relationships will continue to suffer.

- David DeWitt







Dachshunds can’t wait to take a bath

*hysterical crying and screaming*

A little poem I wrote…


"Let your kindness be like the rain that cares not about whom it falls upon,"
Let your smile be like the sun that brightens someone’s day,
Let your love be like a fire that warms on a cold night,
Let your knowledge be like food that feeds those who are hungry,
Let your actions be like a flower, that blossoms to share its beauty, peace and happiness around the world. 


I love and am loved unconditionally.